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3 Fun & Sporty Outdoor Activities In The Peak District

3 Fun & Sporty Outdoor Activities In The Peak District

The Peak District is known for offering all sorts of activities to people that visit this lovely National Park. While you can choose to do all sorts here, why don’t you get a bit fun and sporty? Enjoy the great outdoors while adding in elements of exercise and sports at the same time! Keeping that in mind, here are three fun and sporty things you can do in the Peak District:


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Bike riding

It almost feels rude to visit the Peak District and not rent a bike. There are loads of lovely trails for you to traverse, and the surroundings are absolutely gorgeous. The Tissington Trail is widely regarded as the number one bike route in the Peak District.


Feel free to check it out, but also do your own research to find other places to go. This is such a highly recommended activity as it is the best way for you to explore a new place. Walking around is fun, but you can cover more ground on a bike – and get that fun and sporty experience thrown in at the same time. Bring your own bike if you have one, but there are rental options available, so don’t feel pressured to attach yours to your car. 




Yes, there are plenty of lakes throughout the Peak District that are perfect for fishing. You can catch all manner of fish, but carp fishing tends to be the most popular option. So, get all your carp gear together, rent a little boat, and head out onto one of the stunning lakes within the area. Most lake fishing is available on private lakes, so you’ll have to do a bit of research beforehand and will likely need to book tickets. Of course, you can get lots of fishing done in the various rivers as well.

They’re seen by many as the best rivers in the UK, and you can find many species of trout in them. 



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Speaking of lakes and rivers, they are excellent for more than fishing. Paddling through the waters in canoes is always seen as a popular idea for individuals and groups. You can rent the equipment from many different sites around the Peak District, and it’s such a wonderful way to spend your day. The Derbyshire canal is always pointed at as the best place for beginners to start – it’s a calm stretch of water, almost like a lazy river. Be sure to ask around or do your research if you want more advanced rivers to traverse! Either way, you can’t beat a day out on the water paddling along when the sun is out. 


Clearly, you can also add walking and hiking to this list – along with things like horse riding, etc. Put it this way, we’ve picked out three options just to highlight some of the top things to do if you want fun & sporty activities in the Peak District. However, loads of other options exist if you are still looking for things to do while you’re there.