If it’s possible for an image of somebody to somehow define you then this is the image I’d choose.

This is an old print of my Dad with his Leica camera around his neck,shot I believe in Ephesus Turkey while on a cruise of the Aegean during the early 1970’s.

This image is a draw for me for a couple of reasons. My Dad loved photography and always had camera gear around the house while I was growing up and this without doubt aided my early interest.

Another passion I inherited was his love of ancient Greece & Turkey and all it’s history & myths.It’s this that sent me travelling around Greece during my teens armed with his “borrowed” camera gear that acted as the catalyst to taking up photography as a career 26 years ago.

So when I look at this age stained old print it kind of sums me up, in fact all that’s really missing from this scene would be a Vespa or Lambretta parked up and a kid kicking a football and it would define me almost perfectly.