I often worry that I take too many images of the coast as it seems to be a subject I’m drawn to all too often.When I stop to think about it I suppose it’s only natural I’m inspired as I have lived close to or on the coast most my life.
My first step away from home on my own was a flat on the seafront at Burnham On Sea close to where I grew up (from the age of 7). A few years later wasĀ  followed by a short period living on a clifftop with awesome & inspiring views overlooking St Ives Bay in Cornwall complete with swimming Dolphins (I shit you not !) although it wasn’t an everyday occurrence I might add.
So the coast has been a constant inspiration and still provides me with a desire to explore and capture it predominately at dusk when what I call “The Edge Of Darkness” comes.
The image here titled “Balearic Boardwalk” was captured on the Spanish Island Of Majorca on a brief visit to the island in October 2012.