Jonathan Hodgson Fletcher & Artist

Jonathan Hodgson combines his skills not only as a great artist but applies these talents to creating functional and custom arrows and some of which are art pieces.
His custom-made arrows are created to suit the archer’s bow, draw length and draw weight in lbs, and the type of archery they do, and personal preferences for colours and styles, etc.
His art arrows are built with Form in mind more than Function.

Detail Shot Of Arrow And Glove

Detail Shot Of Arrow And Glove

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Shooting For Numatic International And Lovin It !

Back in February, I was approached by the marketing team at Numatic International who you probably know for their famous Henry Vacuum Cleaner brand.
They had the opportunity to showcase one of their commercial products on location in an Mc Donalds restaurant which was closed to the public during the Covid lockdown.

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April A Month On The Road

April 2021 continued like last year but with a slightly bigger bang.
I had started a contract last year shooting for a holiday company capturing holiday cottages and other holiday accommodation for the homestay holiday market.

Ironically the travel industry is one of those hardest hit by the Covid pandemic yet this provided the homestay U.K market with a huge boost for demand.

The past 4 weeks have turned out to be been very busy with me clocking up well over 2 thousand miles on my travels and shooting huge amounts of images.
In between, I’ve also been busy finishing off a video production for another client so juggling the two has been at times interesting!

I’m looking as we all are to the better weather as we move into May (hopefully) and exploring more beautiful countryside and beaches that the South West of England offers in abundance.

Here are a few images I’ve grabbed on my travels.

Free Day In Beer

April has been amazingly busy so when I found myself with a free day I decided to make the most of it and head out for a few hours following my nose with a camera in hand.

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Pollarding The Willow

I captured this image on the way home from a shoot.
I purposely took a long way home across the Somerset Levels and decided to explore a small lane that looked like it could reveal some great locations.

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