Self Promotion.

Promoting what you do is a massively important part of any self employed person’s working life and it’s especially true in the creative fields where competition can be pretty intense.
When I’m not working on commissioned work I’ll be found shooting personal images & projects that I have dream’s up like “Chiron Of Thessaly”
These images are often then used to help promote what I do in various forms of marketing both online and in print.
Over the last 20 years I have done many creative forms of physical mailings from custom made boxes with A6 images inside to clever cards that popped up the image when opened…pretty cool stuff !
In more recent years however I have come to the conclusion that more often than not less is often more and perhaps the good old A5 double sided cards that lets the images do the talking may work best rather than attempting to be too clever.

Another consideration to add is that reproducing that stunning image you shot in Venice as an A2 poster may look the nuts but what does the receiver realistically do with such an impressive monster ! My guess is it gathers dust then ends up in the bin or shoved in the office shredder.
So for me the trusty old A5 card is a cost effective and versatile way to promote my work and with any luck find a space on the recipients wall or least their filing system for future reference.

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