Shapwick Heath is a nature reserve on the Somerset Levels.

I set off that morning with no expectation of what I was going to shoot but just to explore with my camera.

The heath is a haven for bird watchers and much of the area is managed by the Royal Society For The Protection Of Birds (RSPB).

As a consequence there are many well-laid out paths, hides and vantage platforms to view the birds over the reed beds onto the water.

I however was just here to enjoy the location and appreciate it all with my camera.

The track I chose (the wrong one) to access the area was a struggle to walk on.

It was extremely wet and cut up by tractors and staying upright with a camera backpack was becoming a real issue.

Fortunately this wasn’t a long section and I soon found myself in a small wooded area which was much firmer under foot.

I eventually came across this stretch of water which was calm and still surrounded by some light mist.

I loved the small corrugated structure which really popped on top of the cool tones of the water and grey sky.

The boat was added later to add further balance to the scene.