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I love to travel,explore new places,meet new people and of course capture them. This image came from a recent family break in Majorca Spain a few weeks ago. I’m no stranger to Majorca having visited several times in recent years but like anywhere there is always something new to find and experience if you are prepared to look.



Having recently bought myself another Lambretta scooter 25 years after the last one (yeah it might be a touch of midlife crisis) I thought i’d hire a modern Vespa scooter to go and explore what photographic gems the area had to offer.

Of course I found many stunning backdrops from my delightful day tearing up the sun soaked tarmac but finally settled on a location close to my hotel for an image I had inspiration to create. The location was a wooden boardwalk that hugged the coastline and was in the perfect position for a touch of Contre-jour lighting (thats fancy French for into the light i beleive) at sunrise.



You can see from the video clip below that the light was worth getting up and waiting around for and it created the perfect backdrop for my beautiful model to be blended into.



The final image . . .