Interview With Drew Lundquist: The Life of a Composite Photographer

I first came across the work of Colorado-based photographer Drew Lundquist in 2013 when he was working for the powerhouse advertising agency Elevendy. Lundquist is a composite photographer who specializes in what he labels “theatrical special effects photography.” His composite work is extremely clean with an immaculate attention to detail. Everything from his compositions to his color work leaves you wanting to see more and more. Lundquist’s work has been featured numerous issues of Advanced Photoshop Magazine, and his work is the cover image for the current edition of The Professional Photoshop Book. Lundquist is well on his way to becoming one of the big names in the compositing game. I highly recommend taking a few minutes to check out his work.

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Helping Nat Geo Photographers Get the Shot

Cheetah-proof flashbulbs, custom wide-angle lenses, and cameras that take two photos at once: It’s all in a day’s work for Kenji Yamaguchi, a master photographic engineer at National Geographic. For 32 years, his custom contraptions have helped photographers capture iconic images on assignments all over the world.