Close To Home

As I write this we are still in lockdown and like many, I’ve been keeping myself busy and flexing the creative muscles with a personal stills project called Isolate and the short film recently completed here.

 Despite being isolated to our homes we have been fortunate to have had some great weather (and light) during the last few weeks. This has been not only been a blessing but of course, frustrating as we can’t venture far to fully enjoy it.

It’s not in my nature to allow things in life to stand in my way or limit me so when the craving to film something came I decided to work with the imposed restrictions and get creative which is something that is often needed on shoots when issues arise.

Close to home is a short video which captures my son’s adapted training routine to keep fit and sharp ready for when the lockdown is lifted and the football season can resume.
The locations were all local to our home in rural Somerset.