Venice is notorious for being tricky to navigate and it took a fair while for me and my wife to find our hotel and we were slightly concerned of going out later and getting lost in the dark (no Google maps back then). 

After firmly locating our hotel in relationship to St Marks Square and Rialto Bridge we felt happier of not being lost in the back streets for an eternity.

This was one of two images that I captured one evening from the Rialto Bridge.It was my favourite time to shoot at what I call the edge of darkness. A magical 10 minutes when its neither day or night but a slice of time in-between with the last breath of sun reflected in the sky and the artificial light of the city glows warmly.

I spotted these two ladies chatting to one another as night fell under the Rialto Bridge.

I wondered what they could be talking about in this idyllic scene under the warm illuminated glow of the Venetian street-lamps.

It was probably something they did most evenings and no different to the way we interact with our friends or neighbours after work.

Normal life in a unique beautiful place on earth.