2013 was a busy year not only for assignments but for the real work of marketing (getting the work to shoot).
Having been in the business for 26 years (or something close to that) I have promoted myself with some very clever & creative mailers over the years.
These ranged from branded boxes containing mini postcards of our work to beautifully printed and designed pop up cards.
These days however I stick to the less creative but more effective (in my opinion) A5 postcard for my main marketing.
These are targeted to creatives and agencies whom I would like to work with and are a good fit to my style of work and followed up with a Book drop off where possible.
This little lot are the final batch of my current mailer to head out and the first mailing of the new year and then it’s to the printer with the first new card of 2014… just hope the price of stamps do not go up !