I’ve been regularly visiting the Bodrum area of Turkey since my wife and I purchased a property there nearly 10 years ago. Photographically this means I’ve shot there many times especially around Gumbet Bay.


Visiting the familiar is always a challenge to produce something fresh without the risk of repeating yourself which would be a pretty pointless excersise. This trip one of my friends who I was travelling with and who is a bit of an adrenaline junkie decided to try some Flyboarding. If your not familiar with Flyboarding it basically means strapping on a pair of boots attached to a board with nozzles and a large pipe hanging off of it. Sea water is then forced through the pipe and nozzles from a jet ski allowing the wearer to fly above the water.. at least that’s the theory. My friend did really well for his first time of trying but it wasn’t until one of the instructors took a turn that the full potential of these things was shown. I immdeitaely grabbed my camera and a suitable lens and captured some frames of his very elegant and masterful flight above the surface of the Aegean. Inspired with what I’d experienced and captured and never one to be content with simply documenting something I planned to shoot & create the background separately in more interesting light and create the image you see here.