Several years ago I had the enviable position of being on a retainer for Trader Media Group.
At the beginning my main contract was photographing prestigious & sports cars for the cover of Trader Media’s Top Marques publication.
With a good creative relationship and understanding of what was required for Trader I was soon asked to take on other projects including photographing some glamourous images of young ladies for Bike Trader Magazine.
Most of the brief required studio shots of the girls for various posters,magazine cover and give away’s.
For this image which was to be a poster give away I suggested we move out of the comfort of the studio and it’s clinical white cove and try something above and beyond the brief.
Fortunately the creative director and I had worked together for nearly a year or more by now so trusted me.In fact I think he had got used to me pushing the brief a little and was one of the reasons the relationship worked so well.
I dont mind the studio but working on location just can’t be beaten for me although being winter I’m not sure the girls would not have agreed !