A Lifestyle portrait going back in time capturing good king hal at the court.

Living where I do I’m fortunate to be surrounded by some stunning National Trust properties. It was during many of my visits to Barrington Court that I kept bumping into Mike Farley who is a full-time Henry VIII impersonator.
During one conversation I told Mike about my work as a lifestyle photographer and photo retoucher and he agreed for me to photograph him.
My vision for this image was to take Mike back to Barrington Court and create a clean simple and timeless stately background from the various garden hedges and trees available in Barrington Courts grounds.
The actual shoot with Mike only took 10-15 minutes to complete partly due to the pre-planning already done. It’s also always my intention not to take up too much of peoples precious time that they are kindly allowing me to take up.
Mike who happens to be an ex comedian was a joy to photograph and his website can be found here