I can still feel that bitter cold morning even now.

I had to drive my children to school and I knew seeing we had a super hard frost that there were some incredible images waiting to be captured. I grabbed my camera as well as the kids and loaded them into the car.

After the school run I decided to drive into Langport (a village in rural Somerset England) to park my car and walk along the river.

I decided as I sometimes do to restrict myself to one camera and one lens and this would be my only choice for creating images that morning.

In this digital world full of options it’s sometimes good to restrict and challenge yourself creatively in this way.

Maybe it was due to being close to the river but the frost was even more intense and stunning in the area I was exploring.

Restricted by my one long lens focussed my attention on certain subjects that the lens would enhance.

As the sun slowly broke through some lingering mist I noticed this gorgeous old tree against a blanket of white frost.

Being back lit in the sun only added to its impressive beauty and enhanced the textures of the tree and ice.