Finally got a moment to dig into some of the images captured last week in Kos Greece.

This is from one of my early morning trips out to catch the dawn.

I had planned to visit here last year but Covid put a stop to that idea.

I was excited to visit Agios Stefanos for a couple of reasons.

The beach not only offered an amazing view of the small island of Kastri with the quaint chapel of Agios Nicolaos upon it but also had a small byzantine archaeological site the basilica of St. Stefan on the beach too.

I had originally planned to take the drone but later decided to concentrate on creating a tranquil dawn vista of beautiful Kastri.

I did capture the ruins too, in fact, I shot for an hour and a half unable to drag myself away from the place and I plan to publish one of those at some point.

I returned here later that day with my family for a picnic under the ruins and for a swim in the bay, idyllic is a word made for times like this.