It’s been a busy 5 – 6 weeks putting the final touches to a worldwide campaign for one of my London based clients.Now I have some spare time to work on ideas for some personal projects. Sometimes, however, we all can get stuck in a creative rut and I’ve learned over the years you can’t force things you have to just gently roll with it and kick start creative juices.



Other passions away from Photography have often helped me whether it’s reading some classical Greek myths,exploring new places or just watching a great film. More recently,I’ve rediscovered a passion from my youth of riding Scooters.My most recent purchase is a 1969 Lambretta. I have grand ambitions of riding it to Italy next year for Lambrettas 70th anniversary celebrations and my 50th but we will see if this comes together! It’s with all this in mind I decided I needed a new camera to capture my jaunts.I need something smaller than the 8ib tank of my Canon 1DS but something more serious in the quality department of the iPhone. I settled on the incredible Sony RX100 which ticked all my boxes including having manual controls and shooting 20 MP which means capturing images that will stand up in my professional work and fit in my pocket.There is nothing more frustrating than being out and about with only my iPhone and seeing something knowing I can’t use it for anything serious. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing¬†wrong with the iphone I will continue to shoot with it for fun but it does restrict me sometimes for any serious work.Being able to ride with the RX100 in my pocket has been great in getting the creative juices flowing allowing me the flexibility to pull up pretty much when a where I wish to explore and shoot.