Happy New Year…We often say that as a matter of politeness..but it does not always feel that way does it? It’s no secret or maybe surprise that those in the creative freelancing field can often be plagued by self-doubt especially when times are slow at this time of year.


Someone once said being a Photographer is like surfing a wave…work comes in and you ride it on a high.When the swell eventually fades we are then often left wondering when & where the next job is coming from. You can then sometimes start to question everything, does your portfolio, website, marketing all need scrapping and started over? Is the party over do I need a change of career? After 28 years in the business and experiencing this cycle you would think this mild panic and uncertainty would fade but it never seems to. 2015 was a busy year for me and January although fairly quiet still has a few jobs booked in and one already completed so I can’t complain. Having said that you can’t ever sit back and relax. new work needs producing, mailers and calls need to be completed and appointments made. Life as a freelancing creative is not easy (what job is) but it’s full of variety, unlimited possibilities and best of all adventures. Set your course, keep the faith and have a prosperous & rewarding 2016.



Turkey 2013,