Northern Soul is making another resurgence at the moment and it’s been some 29 years since my days of attending all-nighters at various venues and Scooter rallies across the country. One of my friends Terry however is still hitting the talcum powder dusted dance floor from dusk to dawn (I’m not exaggerating!) across the UK. He still is a remarkable dancer and considering he’s older than me (sorry mate had to get that in) that is even more credit to him. With this in mind, I just had to create an image that captured his passion to dance and my vision/memories of those ballrooms across the UK.

We shot the images in our studio which is an old stone barn with ideal solid wood floors for Terry to strut his stuff upon.

The shoot was incredibly fun and we ended up with so many great images that the selection process took me forever to finally decide on my final image as did cleaning up all the baby talc from the studio floor!

The post-production consisted of compositing an appropriate background and creating just the right ambiance.

Below is a short video of the shoot, completed images, and a few that got shortlisted but not used.