I believe passion & desire are they keys to success in anything we do.
My main two lifetime passions have always been my photography and football.As a child I was rarely seen without a football and like most boys dreamt of being a professional when I grew up preferably playing for my boyhood team Liverpool :).Of course this never happened but the love of the game remained.
With two flat feet,no pace and little natural talent I was never going to be any teams first choice selection but passion for the game and  a desire to play each and every weekend made me give 100% more than the next guy to win my position in the team.
I’m honest enough to say I played at a higher level than I perhaps I should have by working hard and holding my place in a team of very good players and friends.
In my Saturday team we won several trophies over the years and remained unbeaten at home for over 18 months.Many times we won matches in the final minutes of the game because we never gave up and had a strong desire to keep winning especially when our home winning streak was at stake.
I can see many of the same similarities in my life as a photographer.I had a passion for photography and a desire to make it my career and be the best photographer I possibly could without many if any compromises along the way.
It’s fair to say it’s not been an easy or smooth road over the last 20 + years but I stuck with it because it’s all I wanted to ever do, well apart from playing left back for Liverpool or Real Madrid !.
One thing is certain without raw passion or the desire I’d have never played football as much as I did and photography would have been just a hobby at very best.

As a recent follower of Yeovil Town I’ve often admired (and been inspired) how at 38 coach and player Nathan Jones appears to be fitter than most players many years younger. Im sure passion & desire are key in keeping him training hard and fit enough to keep playing.


"Sidelined due to injury Nathan Jones looks on no doubt desperate to get involved against a home game fixture with Sheffield United"