At the end of last year, I decided to totally rebrand, make some further tweaks to my website and also change the way I market my work.
The last few years have been very fruitful for assignments so you won’t see me complaining, never the less, I felt I needed to freshen things up.
Along with my approach, I decided to have some new promotional packs designed to hold a small selection of the work that I could choose from to post to a select number of potential clients.
The envelopes are created from a stunning grey pearlescent paper and foil stamped with the new logo.There are 12 5×4 inch image cards to choose from to place inside and these will be added too when required.
These are not something I had created to mass mail but instead, are used to showcase what I do to select number of contacts whom I would love to work collaborate with.

If you would like to download a PDF overview of our current book you can do so here