Last week I went away for a weeks holiday with the family to Cornwall here in the U.K to relax and do some personal photography.
I was chatting with my mother in law one morning regarding social media about the good and the bad side of it all which turned out to be very apt by the evening.

During the afternoon the weather perked up and so we took the kids to the beach to go bodyboarding.
Of course, I had to join in the fun as the weather and surf were fabulous and in the U.K you take advantage while you can.

The fun, however, was suddenly cut short when my mothers very old wedding ring flew off my finger into the pounding surf.
As you can imagine my heart sank faster than probably the ring did …I was devastated!
The ring has little monetary value but huge sentimental attachment for myself.

After the initial shock and my racing emotions had died down and one large coffee had been consumed (I’m not a big alcohol drinker) I decided to take some action on social media.
I fired up Facebook and searched local groups related to the beach and also metal detector groups.

For what it was worth I had taken note of the time and landmarks relating to my position which happened to be to the right of the Lifeguard hut and opposite a distinct broken fence which created a distinctive V shape on the horizon.
I shared this treasure map style information online with my contact details in the hope it might be of use.

That evening after many messages I found myself back at the beach meeting several strangers with metal detectors who had very kindly given up their time to help search for the ring.
At this point, it’s not been found but being the eternal optimist I have some hope it may turn up sometime in the future.

A huge thanks to Allye Moffat and he North Cornwall Metal Detectors Facebook Group who will continue to search the beach in the coming months and also Mark Reeves and finally the Breage-Ashton-Praa Sands-Rosudgeon Facebook Group who have kindly shared my details.
So my conversation that morning about the positive side of social media turned out to be quite on point and shows there are some wonderful selfless people out there willing to help when you’re in need.