I’m sure Im not the only one to wonders where the time seems to go.This year has been crazy busy in a very good way but it’s meant not having time to update my website or blog with new images. Back in May I took a family trip to Florida and I’ve finally found time to review some of the images I captured and get a few of them online. The big change for me from this trip was taking all my pro gear (as I always do) and not using it at all for the duration of the trip.Instead I used my high end Sony compact camera for all the images I captured.


The main reason for this was it gave me all the image quality and functionality I needed without lugging a backpack full of gear in 35 degree heat. Another big benefit was it also meant I blended in with other tourists avoiding drawing unwanted attention from security people or worse ! All this meant I had more freedom to capture many more images than I would have with my pro kit with little or no compromise in quality. This month sees me about to update all my camera gear and this experience has made me re think some of my buying decisions.\r\nI still need a high end professional bodied still camera with the addition of 4K video for an upcoming commission but I’ll definitely also looking at yet another Sony compact to add to my day to day gear,as they say it’s not the size that counts it’s what you do with it ! Here are a few images captured at Kennedy Space centre.

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