Small And Sweet, Crest Cyder Farm Somerset

Chris And Carole Brown run a small family Cider Farm from their home in North Curry Somerset.
Their daughter Alice contacted me after seeing my request online for people for my project Life In A Somerset Landscape

Being a courteous chap I’m always aware not to take up too much of peoples time or be too much of an interruption to whatever they need to be doing.
This probably stems from shooting my corporate work where you are indeed imposing to some degree and need not to faff around but simply get the subject captured with the least fuss as possible.

The Brown’s like everyone I’ve shot for the project were a lovely family and full of passion for what they were doing.
I think they probably picked up on my excitement for the location and it’s history and I reckon I could have stopped there shooting for a week without overstaying my welcome…maybe!

I didn’t intrude that long but did shoot a lot more images than normal as the light was too beautiful to drag myself away from.
In fact every-time I shut the camera off to call it a day I’d spot something else and after the 3rd or 4th time even I got fed up with myself.

The Brown’s have kindly invited me back to the farm in a couple of weeks to photograph or just simply watch them press the apples in their historic barn complete with their old oak cider press.

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