Kynance Cove is located on the Lizard peninsula  in Cornwall, England.

One of the first times I visited here was is the early 1990’s while shooting a lifestyle campaign for Clarks Shoes.

This shot was captured a decade later while visiting the area with my wife and children.

One evening I decided to venture out on my own to take some images and headed to Kynance.

The classic view is from the clifftop overlooking the cove and cafe below but I wanted to find something different.

I decided to walk down the path towards the cove with my gear to see what viewpoints I could find.

The angle I wanted which was to include the cafe and sea were not easy to find especially as I descended further down the path towards the sea.

Not one to give up easily I continued further and as I turned a bend I discovered this view.

The cafe was in sight and the sea but what got me most excited was the small stream hugging the path.

The stream trickled gently towards the cove below, the path led your gaze towards the cafe and sea beyond.

The composition was perfect and so was the setting light behind the cliffs.