Boats At Beer

Here are a couple of snaps I captured over the weekend while visiting Beer in Devon with friends.

Despite the very bright and quite harsh summer light the location looked too good to not shoot.

As I mentioned last week in a previous post there is never any bad light it just depends what you want to capture.

Into The Onshore

Most of my Saturday’s are made up of Football. The morning are spent with my sons games followed by (when at home) watching  Yeovil Town  F.C.
Occasionally however we get a football free Saturday and this weekend was one of them so we grabbed the kids and took a trip to the market at Bridport.
With Bridport being so close to West Bay & with the weather forecast predicting yet another storm approaching later in the day I decided to take my camera in the hope I could capture some interesting skies for my composite archive.
I was not disappointed the coast was being battered by high winds that was creating some amazing cloud formations and I managed to capture several images this one being one of my favorites titled “Into The Onshore”

Casting Into The Dawn

The Christmas break has meant I have had time to look over some of the many personal images I have shot over the last few months but not had time to process. This one title “Casting Into The Dawn” was captured at dawn on the cliffs close to Albufeira on Portugal’s Algarve coastline.

Casting Into The Dawn, Portugal

The Headland Path

Another recent image captured in the beautiful light of the Algarve Portugal.
This one titled “The Headland Path” was captured on the cliffs close to the coastal town of Albufeira.
I have always lived on or very close to the beach and to be honest it used to concern me that the coast appeared in so many of my images.
Over the years however I have come to understand my work/vision in much more detail and what drives it and I know you can’t force or control creativity you simply just have to follow what inspires you.


Perigoso Path, Portugal

It seems a distant blur since my week in Portugal probably partly due to being very busy completing a couple of commissions since returning home.
Now these jobs have been completed I finally had time to start going through a few of the images from my trip and managed to complete this one titled “Perigoso Path” (Dangerous Path).
The light in Portugal was stunning and produced some of the most colorful sunsets I’ve experienced for a very long time which of course I captured for my composite archives to be used at a later date if needed.
The cliffs in the image here where captured at dawn which is often my preferred time to shoot as it usually means less people around to spoil the view !
The coastline here provided me with several interesting locations to capture over the week and I plan to add a couple more of the images to the blog as when time permits.