Dodging dogs and the sleeping

Shooting at dawn can be extremely rewarding and peaceful but not always without it’s issues.

When shooting on location I invariably choose to head out at dawn. Not only does this mean I can capture beautiful light but it also means I avoid the crowds if I don’t wish to have people in the shots.
One of the downsides to this especially in hot countries is that I have on more than one occasion almost tripped over people sleeping in some unusual places.
Once it was an abandoned fairground near Side in Turkey where I placed my tripod within inches of a fellow asleep on a merry go round without realising until I was packing up.


Abandoned Fair, Side Turkey

Then there was the boat yard shown below also in Turkey which as well as having a guy sleeping outside in the elements also housed a couple of dogs too which thankfully ignored me !


Boat Yard Gumbet Turkey

Unveiling Of Alp Yanki

Today sees the sale of our home in Turkey finalised which to be honest leaves me slightly sad.We bought the property close to Bodrum around 8 years ago as an investment and, as a result, made many friends in the area and my many trips created many happy memories (and images) but it’s simply run its course and it’s time to move on.


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Turkish Car Parks & Cruising the Aegean

I’m writing this after a day cruising the Aegean coast in Turkey.
Myself and a friend spent a rather stressful day yesterday checking on my villa which was purchased seven years ago.
The site has taken a long time to complete due to various issues and each year I visit often find some major issue.
A couple of years ago I found it full of bar furniture ..which of course was not mine! Another year it was badly flooded and it goes on and on.
So you can imagine I was dreading what delights might be waiting for me this year.
Even by Turkish standards what I found even shocked me which was to find a car park built where my large garden once stood!
After some frantic calls and some checks it was confirmed that not all of my very large garden was actually owned by myself and the previous owner had decided to grab some extra land !
So after some checks and the matter cleared up my blood pressure was reduced. This was especially helped with the good news that the site now is finally nearing completion.
With all of yesterday fun we decided a little sailing on the Aegean had been well and truly earn’t to chill out and take a few pics.