An Afternoon In Amsterdam

While on assignment in Rotterdam Holland last year I had a day spare to explore and take in the sights of Amsterdam.
Only having less than a day mean’t priortising what to take in so I decided to explore the old part of town along the canals and take a boat trip before heading to the airport and home.
Even though I knew Amsterdam was renowned for it bicycles (amongst other things) it was still a sight to see so many being ridden or parked up up on every corner.

This image is a composite using images captured just a few feet from each other.Shooting this way allowed me to create a cleaner more uncluttered composition will a slightly more compressed look which suits my vision.

Knorr Garde d’Or

Towards the end of last year we where commissioned to shoot a job in Rotterdam for Bristol Agency Flourish

The brief was to photograph a chef at a hotel on the outskits of Rotterdam for a campaign for Unilever’s Knorr’s Garde d’Or range of products for adverts around Europe.

Time on set was rather tight but I’m pleased to say everything went very smoothly and hats off to Flourish for a very well organised production allowing us to simply concentrate on capturing the best image possible.




4 Hours In Amsterdam, Inspired To Capture

The majority of the work I create these days tends to be pre-planned to a brief or an idea I’m inspired to create usually from several images composited in post.
Now and again though it’s great to just grab the camera and just explore and capture whatever I come across.
This often occurs when travelling to new places and I find inspiration is in overdrive to go and creative images that represent the place I’m experiencing.
While in Holland last week I had a few hours before flying home to go and explore Amsterdam.
There are in my opinion a couple of possible downfalls to arriving at either a well-known location or having limited time somewhere.

Floral Basket

If I’m visiting somewhere like Venice or Rome avoiding the well known often copied postcard locations and coming up with something fresh and in my own style is always one of my main objectives.
If time is limited at a location like in the shots here of Amsterdam then I’ll often find great locations only to feel that there would be an even better shot if only I could be there longer to wait for the light or weather to change, I suppose it’s a case of always wanting that little bit more perfection.
Over the years I have had to accept you are there at that moment and creating something unique from what you have in front of you and the other option is to simply just walk on by.

Here are a couple of images that I captured during my brief time in Amsterdam, the one below is a composite from two separate images captured a short distance from each other and composited together to create the final image.



Summer In Amsterdam

iPhone Wanderings In Holland

Like many other photographers as well as shooting with more Professional equipment I love the challenge of shooting with my iPhone.

This week after shooting a job in Rotterdam on Monday  I had a few hours the following day before flying home to explore Rotterdam & Amsterdam.

Here are a few snaps from my wanderings with some more of the serious stuff to follow.



House On Nieuwe Maas

While in Holland a couple of weeks ago I had a small amount of time to explore Rotterdam. My initial plan was to jump on a boat and visit some windmills that where situated not too far from the city center but unfortunately this meant I’d be cutting things a little fine to get back to catch my flight home.
A little disappointed I decided instead to catch a water bus down the Nieuwe Maas riverfor an hour or so and capture a few images for my composite archive and enjoy the views.
The weather was a little grey and misty but in my opinion there is never bad weather or light for image making it just depends what you want for the shoot in mind.
During one of the many stops the water bus made I noticed this house on the banks of the river that for some reason I was strangely drawn too.
Maybe it was because I watch too many horror films but with the damp December weather providing an appropriate backdrop it looked slightly eerie sat isolated on the edge of the river.