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Capturing Contre-jour in Sa Coma

I love to travel,explore new places,meet new people and of course capture them. This image came from a recent family break in Majorca Spain a few weeks ago. I’m no stranger to Majorca having visited several times in recent years but like anywhere there is always something new to find and experience if you are prepared to look.


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Slice of life, A brief photography trip to Porto Cristo

Slice of life, A brief photography trip to Porto Cristo


Last Day Porto Cristo is an image I captured on a brief photography trip while in Majorca one October.
It was the last day of the holiday season for the island and most of the tourist areas were already closed up ready for the winter which is always slightly depressing to see.

I had decided to take a quick photography trip to visit the small coastal town of Porto Cristo to try and capture some “local life” at the town’s beautiful small beach in the late October light.

It did not take me long to work out my viewpoint which included the amazing cliffs and houses that reminded me more of the Italian or French Riviera than of Spain.

A short while elapsed when my slice of local life came in the form of a small fishing boat which left the rustic jetty to venture out to open sea and my image was complete.


Balearic Boardwalk

I often worry that I take too many images of the coast as it seems to be a subject I’m drawn to all too often.When I stop to think about it I suppose it’s only natural I’m inspired as I have lived close to or on the coast most my life.
My first step away from home on my own was a flat on the seafront at Burnham On Sea close to where I grew up (from the age of 7). A few years later was  followed by a short period living on a clifftop with awesome & inspiring views overlooking St Ives Bay in Cornwall complete with swimming Dolphins (I shit you not !) although it wasn’t an everyday occurrence I might add.
So the coast has been a constant inspiration and still provides me with a desire to explore and capture it predominately at dusk when what I call “The Edge Of Darkness” comes.
The image here titled “Balearic Boardwalk” was captured on the Spanish Island Of Majorca on a brief visit to the island in October 2012.

Lucky Bastards !

I love the sea especially the Mediterranean around Greece & Turkey and despite not being a sailor I have always lived on the coast and love boats.
I put this attraction down to my father who also loved the ocean and served on the Aircraft Carrier HMS Indomitable during WW2 in the Pacific.
So it’s no surprise really that over the years lots of my images feature the ocean and the people who work on it.

It was while in Majorca that I came across the coastal town of Porto Cristo one morning and decided I had to return later that week to shoot the beautiful cliffs and bay when the light was more sympathetic to the location. The finished image shown here represents my vision/interpretation of Porto Cristo and despite not all the elements existing in the scene at the time it sums up the place quite nicely in my opinion.
Am I the only one who struggles naming new images I have produced ? Im guessing not and it can drive me nuts.
When it came to naming this one I was tempted to name  it after my initial reaction to seeing such an idyllic scene and beautiful craft
..”Lucky Bastards !” but I’ve since decided on a more polite naming of  “Living The Dream”


Living The Dream