Rebranding & Promotion Packs

At the end of last year, I decided to totally rebrand, make some further tweaks to my website and also change the way I market my work.
The last few years have been very fruitful for assignments so you won’t see me complaining, never the less, I felt I needed to freshen things up.
Along with my approach, I decided to have some new promotional packs designed to hold a small selection of the work that I could choose from to post to a select number of potential clients.
The envelopes are created from a stunning grey pearlescent paper and foil stamped with the new logo.There are 12 5×4 inch image cards to choose from to place inside and these will be added too when required.
These are not something I had created to mass mail but instead, are used to showcase what I do to select number of contacts whom I would love to work collaborate with.

If you would like to download a PDF overview of our current book you can do so here





Book Revamped

Our main Book is back after spending several months doing the rounds with creatives in London.
After a bit of a tidy up and a re edit and updated with new work it’s ready to out again tomorrow.
A high resolution PDF version can be downloaded HERE

Completing The Book

Today after  6 months hard work I finally completed and assembled my new Book (or Portfolio if you prefer).
I say completed but your book never is completed as most photographers like myself are always creating new work and over time your style does shift somewhat too.
The work consists of Life,location & Automotive which should be no surprise as that is what I specialise in.
The last few years have been mostly spent shooting Automotive and Landscape images so last May while away in Turkey I decided I wanted to shoot more People/Life images.

So after many months shooting,editing,printing,re editing and re printing the Book is finally finished today…well for now at least !

Here are a few snaps of the Book being assembled today.

The Glicee prints needed scoring so they will turn in the Book and holes need punching so that they will slip into the brass retaining posts.

The final result looks fantastic and much better than having plastic sleeves although you have to watch creatives with grubby fingers !