Raging Beauty

I’m mildly obsessed with shooting skies as I believe they can often make or break many of the images I create.

So when thunderstorms are forecast you can be sure my camera is not too far from my side much to the despair of my family who get pretty fed up with me constantly pulling over in the car to shoot them !


Into The Onshore

Most of my Saturday’s are made up of Football. The morning are spent with my sons games followed by (when at home) watching  Yeovil Town  F.C.
Occasionally however we get a football free Saturday and this weekend was one of them so we grabbed the kids and took a trip to the market at Bridport.
With Bridport being so close to West Bay & with the weather forecast predicting yet another storm approaching later in the day I decided to take my camera in the hope I could capture some interesting skies for my composite archive.
I was not disappointed the coast was being battered by high winds that was creating some amazing cloud formations and I managed to capture several images this one being one of my favorites titled “Into The Onshore”