The Roadblock, Never Ending Flood Somerset 2014

Many images bring back fabulous memories of a place or time and likewise a few can be a little painful to look back on.
During the winter of 2014 the UK had some extremely wet weather and Somerset was especially effected by severe flooding.

Several villages were completely cut off and the area around Burrow Bridge was one of those villages badly affected.
It was around this time my mum passed away so it wasn’t the best of times personally for me.
One way of dealing with things for me was to grab my camera and head out to shoot especially on the levels that I shared a love for with my Mum.

Once the roads were just about accessable I decided to head for Burrow Mump a hill with a small church on top of it with amazing views across the Southlake Moor and the levels.

The full extent of the devastation quickly came apparent from the elevated perspective it was like being at the coast!.

I set up my camera and tripod and found a good composition showing the edge of the village and a police road block with the barely visible road between sea of flood water either side.


I shot several images of the policeman diverting motorists at the road block before bending down to grab a lens cloth from my bag to wipe my lens.

What I haven’t mentioned is my favoured composition involved the tripod being placed on a steep area of the hill.
To my horror the tripod and camera suddenly aided by a gust of wind toppled down the steep hill ripping off the lens from the body.
Needless to say it was a mess and a call to the insurance company was required.

Not the best time to look back upon for me or many others who lost businesses and their homes for many months.