The biggest part of what I do when commissioned is to problem solve.

When my regular client Yeovil Town Community Sports Trust who are the charity arm of Yeovil Town Football Club asked me to shoot (no pun intended) the Directors,Coaches and other staff there where several things to overcome.

The aim was to produce stylish images with continuity so that they looked like they where shot at the same time even though in fact they might (and were) shot weeks apart. I also had to work quickly as the Directors and Coaches both where very busy plus it was pretty cold to be standing around for too long.

I decided to use a small strobe on a pole off camera that would not only give a stylish lighting signature (& continuity in the look) to the images but also be quick & portable to use anywhere I might need to go.

Unusual for me I suggested we drop the colour from the images to avoid the distractions of various clothing people would be wearing and go for a subtle duo tone.

For the image below I composited the background to add to the football theme but the finished client images shown Here where left a simple clean black.