I’ve mentioned before on the blog or twitter or somewhere that as well as Photography being my life long passion so has Football.
These days I don’t play but I’m still involved in the game probably more than ever. As well as being personal chauffeur,boot cleaner and general skivvy to my 9yr old son who attends Yeovil Towns Community Sport Trust Development Centre I also help out the Trust by shooting images for their promotional needs.
As well as providing children with superb football coaching the charity runs many other programmes to help youngsters within the local community.
To promote the trust’s great work I was asked to help them create some eye catching images and an appropriate headline for several posters they where planning on producing.
After severalĀ  fairly short discussions we finally came up with the headline “Grass Grows On Our Pitch Children In Our Trust” and sourced several brilliant children from within the development centres to model for the shoot.
I was given fairly free reign to shoot any ideas I had for the images and opted for a rare (for me) studio shoot.
I often find from experience that sometimes the simpler the idea the better and this was definitely the case here and we managed to complete the shoot within half an hour and got some lovely images thanks to some great banter from the boys ! who where all brothers.
A big thanks also goes to Flow Design for their graphic design work which really helped complete and make the whole job a big success.