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Your Place in the World


There is much more to photography than merely taking pictures and even exploring locations without a plan. You should understand that your photographs must tell a story regardless of your subject. But it can still be difficult for a photographer, whether budding or experienced, to work out where their place is in the world.

Different Genres, Different Styles

Every photographer gets into photography because they are inspired by those that came before. When you are young, this usually results in your aping their style as closely as possible because you don’t know anything more. However, as you grow up and become more familiar with your camera, your world of possibilities opens up. Rather than take standard landscape portraits, you can play around with genres and styles, making the most of light, of different times of the day, and unique subjects. You might find out that a wholly unique genre feels right at home.

What Do You Love?

Even if you have explored different genres and styles, you will still be drawn back to the things you love, and this can give you an idea of what to do with your photography skills. If you love to travel and take places of unique and exotic locations, a photography job in the Tourism industry could be fruitful, as you’ll get to live out your dream travelling the world while still making money. Tourism isn’t for everybody, though, and there is always something that requires a photograph. A passion for food means you can take pictures for bespoke bakeries or high-end restaurants, whereas anyone who feels the swelling love feels comfortable shooting weddings.

An Endless Journey

You mustn’t fall into the trap of thinking you know it all about photography. The industry is always changing and evolving. The technology is always improving, and new techniques are developed that can enhance photographs. This is why it’s so important for you to continue educating yourself by engaging with the community. Join social media groups and speak to others. The more you communicate, the more you will learn, and this can be invaluable for improving your skills and understanding the next phase of digital photography.

Understanding Others

One creative person knows that your vision is often not shared by everybody. No matter how good your photographs are in a technical sense, they might not be sellable, which can be an issue. If your dream is to be a professional photographer, you need to understand what sells, otherwise, you won’t be able to invest in new equipment or even pay the bills. Although it can sting, you should accept that you must do some jobs to earn money. The harder you work now, the more time you will have to do what you really love in the future.

A Place Just For You

Any artist can find it hard to know where they belong. Even if you find somewhere comfortable, it can often feel either too crowded or too desolate. But, finding your place will help you reach your potential and help you say something with every photograph.