I shoot and create a fair amount of images, when I’m not working on commissioned work I’m creating personal work and on the last count I had close to 250,000 images in my digital archives and that does not include the 12-15 yrs worth of film images sat filed away !
With the above in mind it’s very rare I will go back over old images and re work them as I’m constantly producing new material.The other reason is we are constantly evolving as we progress through life and a photographer’s visual style evolves also. So what appealed a few years ago may not fit with what or how we shoot now.
Occasionally however  I come actross an image I still like and does fit well with my style that I feel would benefit some modern TLC.
Gypsy Girl With Guitar was one such image, it was part of stock photography production I did some 11 years ago together with several models, stylist,makeup artist and art director.
The images where all shot on film with a medium format camera…(old school styley !) on a rural location with some beautiful antique Gypsy Caravans.